My name is Marlana and I am a styled portrait photographer for women and girls.  And...I'm tired.  I'm tired of women believing that they are not enough.  I'm tired of hearing stories of girls being bullied, often by other girls, and feeling that they somehow deserved it or brought it on.  When did our self-esteem, become so damaged?  So fragile?  What does it say when we can look at another woman and not see the beauty in her?  When did our vision become so blurred that we cannot see it in ourselves?

I want to help change all of that.  I want to show you that you are so much more than merely 'enough.' I want you to see how amazing you are.  I want you to believe it and make that belief a part of you.

Together we form a tribe.  You may be a strong, confident woman who will serve as an example, or maybe you are a woman in need of building up.  I see the beauty in each one of you, but I also see so much more than that.  I see that you are intelligent, interesting, funny, adventurous, talented. You are warriors.  Survivors.  Heroes.  You are beautiful deep down to your core. Each one unique and amazing.  Brave and beautiful.  Gracious and strong.

This is not only about photography.  This is also about empowerment.  This is about loving who you are.  This is about knowing what you have is special, that who you are is special.  This is about making sure you have printed proof so that you are able to hold it, see it, know it.  This is to give you the strength of a tribe behind you.

I invite you to be a part.  For it is something that is being built one frame at a time.

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